Friday, 28 March 2014

5 Minutes Of Schmooze With Guerilla Artist Zachary Metzger

Everyone, this is Zachary Metzger.  Zachary Metzger this is Everyone ...

Zach (can I call you Zach?) createdtodesign has had 31253 page views.  That's huge.  Tell us about it.

I stared the blog just for fun and still continue to do it just for fun.  I learned a lot about using social media just to promote the blog, and it went from a readership of exclusively friends and family to a much wider audience.  The response has been fantastic.  The thing that really sent the view count skyrocketing was getting plugged in to an existing community.
I do a style of drawing called Zentangle.  I found a blog written by a tangler who put out a weekly challenge.
Other people with blogs could respond to the challenge and post their response, then the challenge blog owner would link to each responder's blog.
People wanted to see everyone's responses, so that drove a lot of traffic my way whenever I took part in the challenge.

Although the blog has been stagnant for almost a year, views just keep coming in.  Part of me wants to move on from the blog but another part tells me to keep at it, that inspiring people is worth my time and attention.  
We'll see what happens.

Do your friends think you're odd?

To a certain extent, yes.  
I think as a visual artist you almost have to be.  
In some ways I stand out; I don't follow sports, I wear colorful socks, I love trying new things, and architecture and typography and illustrations inspire me.
But then I brush my teeth every day, drive to work, and fall to sleep just like anyone else.
Everyone has their quirks and that's a beautiful thing.

Why don't you keep your art?

I don't want to give anyone the impression that I don't keep any of my art; that I give everything away.  
But there is something so intriguing to me about making something for someone you don't even know - and that someone doesn't know they are going to receive it.
I like creating those "Aha" moments, where the viewer finds something interesting to look at, and in some cases, takes with them.
I hope that those moments enrich and enhance their lives, maybe pulling them out of the monotony of a 9-5 desk job life.


Being saved by Christ Jesus.
Beginning college as a graphic design major.
Moving to Florida and working in Walt Disney World.
Learning how to keep an idea journal, a sketchbook ... if you don't have a sketchbook go out right now, buy one, and write something in it.  It's the best thing you can do creatively.
Learning that I love to craft, design, and create things.
Having time to create things.


Not acting on opportunities I should have.

Plug for current projects:

I had a hand in branding this company's blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...

artshecried would like to thank Zachary Metzger and The Academy for his presence today.  No thanks to any airlines for not flying him here in person, nor hotels for not putting him up, in person.
artshecried is grateful Zachary Metzger isn't hypersensitive to new bloggers stalking him for his how to get famous by blogging tips, advice, and fireside stories.

Anytime.  I'm happy to help.  Please let me know if you ever have any more questions Karen - and you too - dear reader.

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