Sunday, 17 August 2014

I Wish I Didn't Want Hair Like ScarJo But I Do And Other Procrastinations.

I've been stuck lately.

Blogging is like that; full of yourself one day, chicken-shit the next.

Time for a haircut.  

I found a picture of some great hair.

"Is this great hair???" I beamed at the lady. 

"I thought I would bring a photo..."

I wish I didn't want hair like ScarJo but I do.

I also joined the gym which was going great till someone turned the music up at five-freaking-thirty a.m. one day.

I left a message in the book:

Oh. Well.  

So hey, I cobbled some new guerilla cards together, and will be putting them around Wellingtron this week.  

If you find one - stop by and say hi - you in the black with the inside out umbrella . . . 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

When Creativity Gets Creepy

The week started well.  

I wasn't creeped out.

I was doing homework for y'all - reading how "9/10ths of our tools for life lie dormant in our brain's toolbox..."

I was trying to access the other 9/10ths of my brain ... eke out life-changing, catch your breath when you hear it, gems that will help you next time you're at Quiz Nite or ... Speed-Dating.

Then I read the evening paper:

Which creeped me out.

What a crock.

Just when I was getting scientifical - much like my Post How To Be A Creative Bastard When Work Is Sucking Your All - the "science" let's us down.  

Have you ever been let down like this?

What was it and how did you get over it?