My name is Karen Taylor.  Welcome to my 1-year blog.  I'm not actively posting any longer but here is what was :->  Thanks to everyone who visited, commented, let me interview them or interviewed me.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand.  Home to Hobbitses and other vertically challenged bloggers.

I am into Art Journalling and Guerilla Art.

The Art Journalling bit

I have made hundreds of art journal pages.  

If you like that kind of thing, stay close by.  I've got ideas.

Especially if you like a bit of *ugly.*

The Guerilla Art bit

I've made bossy art cards and left them around:

  • Draw something
  • Write something
  • Make something

If you found a card

  1. Where did you find it? (Jesus, Chris ... I said no public toilets)
  2. Did you do the thing?
  3. Did you see it and think What. Is the world coming to.

Who are these people that make stuff that gets run over by buses? Or p*ssed on.  
What are they taking?
Why are these people?

I post monthly, more or less.

Leave a comment, tweet or email me:

@karentaylor1001 on Twitter

Let's make some art.


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