Sunday, 9 March 2014

How To Be A Creative Hipster: More Than Air-Kisses, Team Building And Black?

Don't make me click my fingers in a Z formation.

Air kiss your work mates.  You know who they are.

They're the ones in black.

We're building 'TEAM' here.  Human pyramids and high ropes.  B-u-s-t-i-n-g through barriers.

"All together now!" Snapchat.

Air hugs. 'This, is great.'  'We should get together out of work more often.'


That's what we want to do.  This, more often.

Standing under ropes to catch people if they fall, in our black.

We're Creative Hipsters.  High f*cking five!

But hang on.

Is it More Than This?

David Burkus wrote "The Myths Of Creativity".  If Creative Hipster had a poster child; he is it.

He pokes at The Breed Myth.

Are creative people cut from Zambesi cloth?  

"Perhaps the most telling anecdote has to do with Albert Einstein's brain.  After Einstein's death, his brain was removed and preserved (despite his request that his body be cremated.)

Psychologists and medical doctors alike subjected the brain to close examination in hopes of finding a biological explanation for his creativity and genius.

In the case of Einstein, none of the studies revealed any significant difference between his brain and the brain of most humans - except for the surprising find that his brain was significantly smaller in mass than the average male brain.

This wasn't exactly what they had hoped to find . . ."

I asked David (or read in his book) how we can be a Creative Hipster:

Be open to experience.  
Be open to experience.  
Be open to experience.

What do you think?

Can you be a Creative if you find air-anything awkward, you hate team building and you think black is for unemployed Goth's?

photo by fuckyeahmensweargothicninja

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