Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cracked Open The Flash New Journal. (And Why I Don't Normally Buy Flash.)

I have a new Hahnemuhle Travel Journal.

For a month it's been sitting perfect, clean, un messed with.  I'm like that with pretty stuff I've dropped a few bucks on.

Yesterday I cracked that baby open.  I've done nothing for the last month and when you've got an art blog where you post weekly, that's problematic.

I want to tell you that these are warm ups and a real painting is underway.


If process was a person, it would be me.

Up to now I have only posted photos of work that I want you to see.  Finished work that fits with the way I am happy to present myself.

The following is what most of my journal pages look like and occasionally I make a proper picture.  

I wanted to go back to these before posting them, finish them, hide the nonsense before my friends said: Err what?

Francis Bacon said,  'The job of the artist is to always deepen the mystery'.  Ha. 

While I waited for our General Election to begin, here was my brain dump:

I don't normally buy flash because I just like playing.  I also like irreverent - even if it does take a month.

What about you?  How 'process' are you?  

Do you show others your brain dumps?

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