Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Notebook from an 11-year old

My son Alex made me this notebook the day his class visited another school.

It started life with a lime green cardboard cover and photocopy paper inside.  

The kids had to line up to get a teacher to sew the spine together.

I loved drawing, painting and sticking stuff in it.  


  1. I've had 7 year olds stitch up their own books. Teachers underestimate what kids can do. He did a good job. :)

    1. Thanks Leslie :P I used to teach 11-13 year olds art and I have a big dislike of just-add-water type of art that some teachers do. No excuse for the Art Specialist teacher at this Intermediate School to do this stuff. I used to be silently appalled when the kids brought home template-y projects from school, more often than I would have liked.