Sunday, 2 March 2014

What I learned from going back to High School ... at 41!

Who's got a story they'd rather not share?  OK I'll go first..

I.  Am an Art Failure.


I wanted an 'A'.  I got an 'F'.

So I tried again.  Went back to high school ... when I was 41!

High School Art, then Uni come get me, kind of thing.

I'd need a portfolio, said Uni, for Fine Arts.  (There's that F.A. again is that a joke?!)

I signed up for Painting.

Was Printing hard, I asked.  You know, from home..?

Pbbt. Kitchen bench, stuff! they said.

(Tick!)  Where do I sign, I said.

So in 2012 I did Year 13 Painting and Printmaking.  Half a fulltime students workload.

And what did I learn?  In no particular order of psychological trauma -

  • No matter how much you suck, there are artist models for you

  • Don't tell the people you live with how much housework you won't be doing.  By the time they notice, you've got assignments to hand in, OK?!?

  • Don't wag.  You'll only have to do it again when you've got a mortgage

  • Pencil sketching is like eating your greens.  No wonder kids wag

  • Think your boss is scary? Try drawing some still-life's then showing the teacher

  • Inspiration is a fickle mistress.  At 41 you don't have a lot of time left.  RTFQ then start

  • You will do things you never imagined like breaking your own parenting rules on the fly (*no children harmed physically*)

  • You will look at a lot of in-your-face nudity and talk about it with your teacher.  Even at 41, it's awkward

  • Life isn't a marathon.  It's a series of sprints.  Or a year working at your kitchen bench

Here are some photo's of all the food I did not make at the kitchen bench.  

And some of the pictures I did.


  1. fantastic Karrie,
    I never had the courage to take up practicing art. And at school it was art or woodwork so of course I did the bloke one!!
    Love your pictures. Andrew

  2. You just get more entertaining the more I get to know you! The fact you even had the courage (let alone the gumption) to do this is strong testament indeed. I've always hoped to get to use the sentence, "I don't know much about art, but I know what I like". Well, you've managed to make that one work for me. Keep up the quirky posts, and I'll try to keep reading / watching / viewing / engaging!
    Cheers, L

    1. :-D Thanks Lindsay. I was trying to work out how to get into Uni without you know, having any of the pre-quals. I had a dream ... that I was rushing to Painting class at my kids school and everything was perfect. Then I woke up. And signed up at Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu - The Correspondence School in Wellington. Totally recommend it as a way to soak up all the annual leave you didn't know what to do with!