Sunday, 6 April 2014

10 Reasons Why You Should IGNORE Guerilla Art

Ignore Guerilla Art.

I beg you.

You are schlepping through your day when, on the street, you see a candle in a bottle and a note. 


Hellew! says the note. 

You were meant to find me, it says. 



Don't Do It.

Put it down, don't look back, you saw nothing.


1.  It just encourages them.  If it was anything decent, why didn't they just keep it.

2.  You could Catch Something.  These people have more time than the long-term unemployed but they're not spending it showering.  

Dreads and musky in a bad way, they think deodorant will kill them.

3.  You're busy.

4.  You don't want to get caught up in all that. If you 'interact' with it, it's just another obligation. You're over-committed already.

5.  You can't draw but that's cool so just drop it OK?!?

6.  You'll get burned.  The whack job who left it will be hiding somewhere with a camera.

7.  You're busy.

8.  You know who Banksy is and these people are Wannabe's.

9.  And hippies with Future Shock.

10.  They SAY they don't care if it gets run over by a train but YOU know they DO.  

You're not responsible for their feelings.  

Engage Bystander Effect.  And just. keep. walking.

Now let's light that candle.
Who's been burned before?
Who's had a near miss?  
You found something at Pak n Save or 
the airport but you managed to ignore it and carry on schlepping.

artshecried takes no responsibility for the feelings of the people who read this or get involved in this fringe scene.  You haven't come this far to get tripped up by this.

Stick with taking your chances texting while crossing roads, washing your dryclean-only clothes and drinking milk that expired yesterday.

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