Friday, 11 April 2014

How To Be A Creative Bastard When Work Is Sucking Your All

You know, it could be as simple as this.

Steal Photo's Of Other People's Creative Juices.


I know you, and you know me.

We're tired.

All that mismanaging our Inboxes sucks. the life.

After work, you got nothing.

So how do you be creative?  

You know you want it.  (And you don't have to be a Big. Ponce.)

I'm glad you're here; I got this.

11 ways to be creative when your 'Productivity Ninja' course crashes & burns:

1.   Drink more.

2.   Drink more, after work.

3.   Put an Out Of Office on that says: I'm not in.  Email again when I'm back.  (An old boss did this.)

4.   Wear socks that don't match.  Walk like you're making love to the camera.

5.   Sign up to some swag sites.  RT that shit.

6.   Watch Gary Vaynerchuk.

7.   Get depressed about your childhood.  How Schools Kill Creativity.

8.   Drink even more.  After work, too.

9.   Email people you hate at work, after drinking. at work.

10. Download Photoshop Express and give yourself a makeover.  Post everywhere.

11. Did I mention drinking?

Way too much about my twisted view of the world.

The gloves are off.

When are you most creative?  Does it kick in after 5 drinks or more like 10?

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