Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Part 2 of Make An Art Journal With 4 Bits Of Paper

Remember my first video Make An Art Journal With 4 Bits Of Paper?

Here's Part 2.

You've made your journal.  

Now what? 

Get rid of horrid, putrid, hairy scary white paper.

1.  Bust out the paint.

Cover up nasty white pages as fast as you can.  

Spread the paint using an old credit card (fastest method), fingers (good for making 'roads'), hands (now we're talking, Willis) or brush.

2.  More is more.

Use at least 2 colours on every page.  Paint texture-y things and press them onto the paint.  

I have used bubble wrap, home made stamps, papers with holes in them, etc.

3.  Keep going till you're done.  

I don't mind pages ripping.  

If you do, use your Lady Remington at least 1 minute longer than what you think it needs.

4.  And you're done.  

In Part 3, I show you how to start fattening her up.

What I am curious to know is:

What's the fastest way you've found to cover up white paper?

Do you think Lady Remington minds that I love her for the way she dries my ... paint?

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