Thursday, 8 May 2014

Part 3 of Make An Art Journal With 4 Bits Of Paper. When Skinny Journals Go Phat!

This is a quick post about phat-tening up your 
art journal.

Still thinking background.

Cut out pieces of paper in colours and shapes that you like.

Glue baby, glue!

The 'pieces of paper' I have stuck down here I made myself.  

They are leftovers from projects that I grouped by colour and stuck them down onto paper.

When Skinny Journals Go Phat.

Give it a go :P


  1. I recently put together my first Smash book and it certainly DOES NOT lay flat anymore! It's all bulky and bulgy and full of all kinds of random goodness. It's awesome!!!
    Question: do you put some sort of binding/closing device on yours to try to keep it a bit contained when you shelve it?

    1. Hi taylorsmysticalrealities, thanks for saying hi. I don't use any kind of closure device but I probably should as my storage issues have storage issues, if you know what I mean 8-/ Do you use them? Would be keen to visit your site if you have one :-> Cheers.