Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Addicted to Newspaper Blackout

I've got a new toy.

It means I don't have to go out in public like this.

Or leave the house.

I'm addicted after 2 go's.

One of my loves right now (ok I love him less than Newspaper Blacking Out but more than weeding my garden) is Austin Kleon.

Funny as feck and 'a writer who draws'.  

These are my first babies and I kind of like them:

If you imagine that finding words that weave together is a brain fart, wait till you get to the blacking out bit.  

This post could have been called: 'I killed my best stuff with a too-fat marker.'

But we're not dwelling on the ones that got away.

Grab tomorrows fush and chup wrapper, a too-fat black marker because you've forgotten that it will bleed into your prized words, and have a late one . . .


  1. So, you like fat black markers, huh? (wink wink nudge nudge) Are you sure you can handle such....girth? Snort, snicker, giggle. Maybe you should master your technique on smaller ones to gain more confidence. After all, NO ONE likes poor technique when "blacking out"...lmao.
    ROTFLMAO....wiping tears away and giggling insensibily

    1. Poor technique when Blacking Out sucks :P Was just living on the edge a bit when I opted to go straight in with the fat ones.