Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Pimp My Art Cards.

Told you I was addicted.

It was the Newspaper Blackout that started it. 

I am going to leave these babies in my usual leaving places:  

bus stops public toilets official restaurants of the World Cup train tracks the toilets at train stations parking meters supermarket shelves.  libraries.

If you found one and I was so happy I tried to take advantage of you on the podium would you mind?

If you didn't find one and you're glad I understand it's busy the rat race that's lovely you have people to see places to be seen do you know good places for me to carry out. my guerilla. mission?

I'm counting on ya.

Yes you in the black puffer jacket ...


  1. I leave my handmade bookmarks with either a wacky question or colorful drawing on one side and a "This is YOUR bookmark now, whether or not you buy this book! Yes, it's a FREE bookmark!" in books at bookstores.
    I was caught once by an employee at a used bookstore. She looked over my bookmarks, laughed at a few and let me continue to place them in random books.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Karen :-D Was just about to watch The Game when I got your comment. You have made my day xox